Kanrapee Chokpaiboon was born in 1990 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He started his career as a photographer during his college years but all of that started when he was in grade 9. His science teacher saw him with his father’s compact camera shooting pictures with his friends so he asked Kanrapee to entered a photography contest at his school. He won 1st prize and thought to himself that was fun and exciting! He fell in love with photography from then on and it has been with him until today. Photography also brought him to New York where he gets a chance to explore and develop his own style and learn from the best of the best photographers. His techniques usually includes flash photography and he style derives from his love for sci-fi movies and his beliefs in extraterrestrial being and many mysteries of the universe that make his style very unique.



2018 : Finalist of Italian Street Photography Festival 2018 in Photo Series Category

2017 : Finalist of Miami Street Photography Festival 2017

2017 : Finalist of Brussels Street Photography Festival 2017 in Photo Series and Photo Image Category

2017 : Finalist of London Street Photography Festival 2017 in Photo Series Category

2017 : Finalist of EyeEm Awards 2017

2017 : Finalist of Observations Street Photography festival by Observations

2017 : Un-Posed competition

2017 : Finalist of Transport Drama Competition by APF


Published Works

2018 : Interview with Lots Magazine

2018 : Interview with Siam Street Nard

2017 : Featuring work on DirtyHarrry

2017 : Acinteyya (อจินไตย) / C-Type

2017 : Street Photography & The Art of Composition

2017 : Transport Drama in street photography / APF Magazine

2017 : A Cover of Chiang Mai Art Map

2017 : Fine Dae Magazine, issue 89

2017 : Capturing NYC 24/7 / Cosmic Modesty

2016 : The Warmest Winter / Creative Boom

2016 : 40 of the Best Street Photos of 2016 by Photographers Around the World / Petapixel

2016 : BEST STREET PHOTOGRAPHS OF 2016 / Light Art Academy

2015 : THE COLOURS : Kinfolk Gathering dinner by FACT Collective / Vanilla Walk


Group Exhibitions

2018 : Italian Street Photography Festival, Italy

2018 : The BSPF Selected Works : Studio Baxton at Baxton Gallery, Belgium

2017 : Miami Street Photography Festival, US

2017 : Brussels Street Photography Festival, Belgium

2017 : London Street Photography Festival, UK

2017 : Observations Street Photography Festival, Germanny

2016 : The Warmest Winter with GongKan, NYC

2016 : Lucid Exhibition , Soul, Korea

2016 : No Use for a Name, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2016 : HUA HIN PHOTO FESTIVAL 2016, Thailand 

2016: "Street Punk" Street Photo Thailand x YouPin Photo Contest, Bkk, Thailand

2015 : FACT The Colours Exhibition, BKK, Thailand